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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Work in Progress

So excited it is finally my week to post! I'm Lynden Lewis. Obviously, I am also a Musical Theatre Major at TU. This showcase is going to be an amazing reward at the end of a long and exciting four years. Our class has been through so much and so many transformations together. What an amazing experience to finally be able to put it all together in this showcase and help give each other that last push that each of us needs.

After the long hall of searching through music for days and days, we are all finally starting to work our pieces. We really worked Kirsten's piece the first day and it is so fun to watch how much progress she made in such a quick class. What seemed to help her the most was recreating her set up. With Kirsten off to such a great start we were all beyond anxious to get our turns. The next go around Sean started. He worked his inciting moment over and over and over until he finally got to a point that it was real for him. Jeffrey worked on finding new approaches to his song. He decided he would go through the song playing all different extreme emotions simply to allow himself to find new discoveries and break any preplanned notions. I also presented my frst run through of my song during our last class. It felt so good to finally get on my feet and go for it. The main aspect of the piece that I worked this time was finding the urgency in it. Making sure there is a constant reason to be speaking and constantly going for it full out. I cannot wait to get to class and go again to see the progress I have made and to further it.

The best part about working our pieces is to see how far we all have come since our freshman year. Everyone who has worked has had an amazing grasp of their song from the beginning. And then in addition to that, each person has understood the exercises and run with the emotions that come through them. Our director has allowed us to really take control of the class. So it's cool to put everything we have learned for ourselves into this class as helping progress, teach, and help each other.

On top of all of iour individual work we have been hard at work putting the final  touches on our next fundraiser: Musical Theatre Bootcamp. We finally got the e-mail blast set up and this coming week will begin contacting all the local highschool to start promoting. Hopefully we get a lot of involvement. So far it seems to be getting really great feedback. We will see what happens!

I'm looking forward to everyone else presenting their work this coming week!!!!!!!

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