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Monday, February 28, 2011

"So Much to Do" at TU!

Courtney's back for another week. :) This has been a particularly busy beginning of spring for all of us! Just yesterday, Sean, Jonathan, and Natalie drove down to Dallas to audition for the southwest premiere production of Next to Normal. This upcoming weekend, we have students heading to NETC auditions, Lyric Theatre auditions, and our production of Hay Fever is opening.
Even around all this business, it is wonderful to see that our showcase is really starting to take shape. We all have material we love, and now it's just down to working and polishing. In other words, it's time for the fun stuff! :)
I've been working on "I Wanna Be a Rockette." As the dancer of our crew, I'm singing a little, and then taking it to town in my ladcucas! I'm having so much fun choreographing this. Not only is it a variety of dance styles I love and adore, I also get to have a dance break whose music is also tailored to my choreography. Jim Gregory, our musical theatre specialist and accompanist extraordinaire, has been helping by arranging the song around what I create. I've always worked with set music or cut recorded music when choreographing, so this is new and so much fun!

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